Colleen B Murphy

DIY Paper Airplane

DIY Paper Airplane

What is the best way to fold a paper airplane to make it fly further than all the rest? This DIY is shows you how to find the best way to make a paper airplane and win at your next paper airplane contest. You may need a mom or dad or aunt or uncle or cousin or babysitter to help out!

What you need:

  • Computer Paper
  • Crayons

Below are two different ways to fold your paper airplanes. Feel free to be creative and make your own new ways of folding. Can you make an even better way to fold?


Step 1: Name your paper airplanes before we start. For ours, we chose Peace and Hearts. Be creative!



Step 2: Fold Airplanes. Here’s how:

Hearts Airplane:

1. Fold two sides together and then unfold.

2 Fold the top two corners to the center. Make sure they line up and that your folds are crisp.

3. Now, fold the new corners that formed into the center and make sure they meet in the middle also.

4. Take your airplane and fold it in half. You want everything to be hidden inside.

5. Finally, fold down the wings to align with the bottom of the plane.












Peace Airplane

1. Fold two sides together and then unfold.

2. Fold the top two corners to the center. Make sure they line up and that your folds are crisp.

3. Fold down the point that has formed at the top of the paper. It should look like an envelope.

4. Now, this is tricky, fold the new corners in but make them meet 2/3 the way down the center (not so that they form a point, but so that there is a flat top)

5. Fold up the little point that has been made.

6. Fold the paper in half – this time you want everything to be facing outwards.

7. Create the wings by folding the side flaps down to the bottom, so that the long edge of the wings are aligned with the bottom of the plane.








Step 3: Decorate your planes before the contest!









Step 4: Create your contest sheet. We decided to do three rounds.










Step 5: Find a place throw your airplanes. It should be open and long, that way the planes can go very far.


Step 6: Hold your contest! Throw your planes and watch them fly. When they land, leave them where they are and figure out which plane went farther. Record the places they come in (1 or 2). The farthest plane came in 1st place.


Step 7: Repeat step 7 for the rest of your contest rounds.











Step 8: Add up the results of your experiment. The lowest score is the winner airplane. Who was your winning plane?! Make sure you remember factors such as wind and weather. Was it really windy when you threw your first plane? Maybe you should try it again when it’s less windy, for another contest. For us, Heart Airplane won the contest but we added that it was a very windy day, and maybe we should retest them.



Of course, if you can think of new way to make a paper airplane, try that also!

We’d love to see new creative ways to make paper airplanes.