Colleen B Murphy

Cause Inform:

A Social Impact Project

In collaboration with Margarita Barrios Ponce and Plural, we have designed the identity and website for CauseInform, A Social Impact Project. CauseInform is a class project that grows every semester, a collection of social cause campaigns. Students explore intersections – design (information and form) and social impact (causes). I create and maintain the web platform in which these projects can exist and shed light on many different social issues.









Wastefull is a campaign that raises awareness about the garbage American consumers create and exposes how to make small changes to become reusable instead of being full of waste. This campaign is featured

I utilized many different medias to create this mock campaign. I created print ads, rendered them, prototyped a clear garbage can and proceeded to carry it 4 blocks until I reached campus with bruises, created a stop motion (which highlights my spying skills as much as my photography) and somehow managed to pull it all together for a creative campaign against excessive waste.

Do I use plastic bags? No!