Colleen B Murphy

Northeastern University

A collection of projects I did for class at Northeastern University.

























































Love and Helvetica and Stark Raving Bonkers is a book I created that has two different dialogues. One is about 1960’s fashion photography and it’s impact on fashion now, including articles about David Bailey and Twiggy. The other dialogue is about Helvetica and it’s impact on design now.

















































































The Postcard Challenge started as a project for an Interactive class at Northeastern. I created postcards to send to my friends and family while spending less time online. With each postcard, I sent a puzzle piece and challenged my family and friends to send the puzzle piece back to me. I got about 3 puzzles pieces back.

This project was has continued for three years and I really don’t want to stop any time soon.

If you have the power to make someone smile, why wouldn’t you?