Colleen B Murphy

SACI: Photography

A People Study was a photography challenge I gave myself while abroad; I focused on getting closer to the subject by restricting myself to a 50 mm lens. I wanted to exit my comfort zone when it came to photography and the subject I was photographing. Not only did I learn photographic techniques I learned how to be a little braver and take a few more steps closer to get the shot I needed.



































































































A Color Study

“When light falls over a yellow flower and brightens it like the sun or the evening light transforms a white sheet hanging outside into the evening sky, blue with shadows, I want to capture it. I appreciate the way light can change something to enhance its colors or to make it joyous.

The sum of all colors of light creates white. My obsession with color and light is summed up by this mysterious “color” white. To me, white is unrealistic. One can never obtain pure white. As a painter one never uses pure white but must always must add a little bit of color to make it look real. My eyes and my camera are drawn to delicate, pure, light. Sometimes there stroke of luck and white appears in reality, clean and pure. When I see a splash of color and white, I feel lucky that I can capture something so beautiful, so perfect and pure made by chance.

I don’t want to set up my photographs. The magic is in the fact that they are in real life; they are accidently perfect. My series will be of photographs in which white plays a predominate role and a splash of color creates a perfect balance between blinding fantasy, and a touch of reality.”